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The first edition of the Global Energy Talent Index (GETI) has proved to be a great success. Energy Jobline and Airswift’s findings have enabled the industry to see what the workforce wants and where the opportunities lie.

In order for us to make improvements and produce the best version of the GETI 2018 report, we require as much feedback as possible from our readers.

We ask that you please leave your feedback/comments in the comment box below. What was great about this report? What would you like to see in next year’s edition?

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The GETI Project Team

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  • Cynthia
    17 Jun 2017 04:57
    It's good that GETI is broken down into different sectors. May I recommend further breakdown into regions and give emphasis on Asia Pacific and Australasia as most of the research reports (by others) focused on EMEA and United States.
    21 Jun 2017 10:08
    Hi Cynthia, Thank you for leaving your feedback. As we are covering five sectors, a regional breakdown in the initial report would entail an incredibly wordy report. However, we have just completed our regional analysis of the GETI report, which we are now releasing via this blog page and various industry news sites. Feel free to get in touch with us at geti@energyjobline.com to obtain a regional analysis for your working sector. We hope this helps.
  • George C.
    17 Jun 2017 15:14
    I am not a fan of forecasts, yet I was somehow optimistic about the future of oil. For now it seems stable at a level that encourages research for low cost technologies; and as far as I can say that is happening right in front of our eyes. Shale developments are a proof. I don't see the oil though raising any time soon and reasons are multiple. Best wishes everybody.
    21 Jun 2017 10:04
    Hi George, Thanks for your feedback. The evolution of the digital industry will indeed be a key driver in the market's return. We plan to continue monitoring the views and opinions towards the industry's recovery in our next edition of the GETI report, releasing in 2018.
  • Abhishek Kumar Mishra
    18 Jun 2017 17:11
    Energy can neither be created or destroyed but it can transform from one to another sources . There is everything which is controlled and made by energy . Energy is everything , successful approach of the implementation of energy is by which , the whole world runs .The GETI Project team is very efficiently dealing in the field of energy jobline . It is going to takeover in the field of energy utilities .
    21 Jun 2017 10:01
    Thanks for your comment, Abhishek. We agree that the GETI research will be an important shaping mechanism for the future of the energy workforce and look forward to supporting the industry with our insights. We can't wait to start working on GETI 2018.
    21 Jun 2017 09:52
    Thanks for your comment, George. The GETI project is indeed an important shaping mechanism for the future of the energy workforce.
  • Mohaned fathy
    16 Jun 2017 16:30
    Hope to see about Quality Engineer jobs and QA/QC Engineer jobs salary and any other information

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